Maria Jocys for Durham County Sheriff

Maria Jocys is a retired FBI Agent who led investigations ranging from violent street gangs in Durham to international terrorism groups around the globe.  Her last name (pronounced “JOE-sees”) is Lithuanian, but people simply call her Maria :). She was the first woman to lead the FBI’s Raleigh office.  As Sheriff, Maria will bring a focused discipline to preventing gang-related violence. She will prioritize gun crimes. Maria will ensure those in crisis get the needed services and care they have a right to receive when they are in crisis or need.  Durham County will be safest when all residents feel they can trust law enforcement and they have a voice and stake in making the community safer. Maria will prioritize community partnerships and empowerment. She will focus on making sure service is equitable for all. 

Maria was raised in Durham and graduated from Southern High School in the Bull City. She is running for Durham County Sheriff to help lead the way to building safer communities that the wonderful residents of Durham County expect and deserve.   

Durham is a progressive, forward-thinking county with a proud, dynamic history and incredible future ahead. But like many communities across America, we do currently face an urgent community safety challenge which has stolen too many young lives.  Click below to read more about Durham’s Community Safety Challenge and how Maria will help lead the way to solve it.

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***Maria is running as an Unaffiliated Candidate***

As a Sheriff for ALL of Durham County, Maria will share responsibility for preventing violent crime in ALL of Durham County – including the City of Durham.  She will meaningfully partner with the Police Department and other services to help bring a collaborative focus to tackling our community safety challenges.  Maria is also committed to police reforms that will actually be implemented. She has a Six-Point Plan for Reform to rebuild trust in all communities.